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This elegant cardboard gift box contains an assortment of 4 confectionery specialties which are emblematic of the French tradition: fruit pastes, nougats, calissons and caramels.

Maxim’s was founded as a bistro Rue Royale in Paris in 1893 by M. Maxime Gaillard, but really started to earn its reputation of excellence under its next owner, M. Eugene Cornuché. Today owned by M. Pierre Cardin, Maxim’s luxurious restaurants are located in several countries beside France.

The prestigious brand “Maxim’s de Paris” now offers a wide range of products, including these delightful French gourmet chocolates.

Product Features

  • Imported straight from France
  • Maxim’s de Paris is the same brand as the famous restaurant in Paris owned by Mr. Pierre Cardin
  • 32 delicious gourmet candies from France of 4 different kinds: Calissons, Nougats, Fruit Pastes & Caramels
  • Perfect as a gift or to treat yourself
  • Beautiful cardbox gift box


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