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French Vanilla: What’s the big difference between French vanilla and vanilla? Both are agreeably sweet with floral notes, but French vanilla has a deeper, creamier, custard-like taste that makes it a favorite of gourmands around the world. Eden Gourmet French Vanilla pleasantly balances & sweetens your coffee beverages and enhances classic hot teas. Or, make gourmet vanilla whipped cream and add a dollop on top of your bananas foster or other classic desserts.

Caramel: Remember the first time you bit into a piece of caramel as a child? The flavor of toasted sugar combined with buttery smoothness was intoxicating. Relish that taste again when you create hot beverages like caramel apple cider and hot buttered rum. Try it in an iced salted caramel crème coffee or bring your pastries, desserts and bonbons to the next level. Get creative with this versatile flavor!

All of our Classic syrups are made from pure cane sugar, filtered water and other natural ingredients. Earthly inspired, tastes divine. Try our delicious syrups in a vast array of products: Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso, Tea, Lemonade, Craft Soda, Cocktails, Smoothies, Juice, and Desserts.

Product Features

  • Eden Gourmet Naturally Flavored Syrup made from pure cane sugar, filtered water and other natural ingredients.
  • (1) French Vanilla and (1) Caramel Naturally Flavored Syrups 750 ml bottles – includes (2) pumps
  • French Vanilla Naturally Flavored Syrup has rich, nutty tones that strike a perfect note for sophisticated taste palates that desire a sweet treat that is not overpowering.
  • Caramel Naturally Flavored Syrup has the flavor of toasted sugar combined with a smooth buttery taste


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